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Sociological research

Sociological research is the systematic studying of social processes and the phenomena, directed on detection of regularities of public life, and also receiving new knowledge of the social world, based on collecting the facts and their logical interpretation.

It is possible to distinguish different types of sociological research: 

On depth of the analysis of an object of research:
- Prospecting –usually precedes deep studying of a problem. During it the purposes, hypotheses, tasks, questions and their formulation are specified.
- Descriptive - with its help we can study the empirical information to understand the complete idea of the studied social phenomenon; object of the analysis in this case is a big social group, for example, labor staff of the big enterprise.
- Analytical - not only describes elements of the studied phenomenon or process, but also allows to find out the basic reasons which are its cornerstone; here we investigate a set of many factors proving this or that phenomenon. 

On methods of collection of information: 
-  Poll
- Supervision 
- Content analysis 

On recurrence: 
- Dot 
- Repeated (panel)

Most often, the purpose of ordered sociological researches are:

  • assessment of activity of bodies of the state and municipal authority
  • assessment of a socio-political situation in the region, municipality 
  • assessment of social and economic health of the population of the region, municipality 
  • relation of the population of separate municipalities to these or those processes, objects, problems (for example, construction of power plants, burial of waste, building of new objects, roads, etc.) 
  • satisfaction of the population with services of corporations 
  • assessment of efficiency of an advertising campaign, attitude to a brand 
  • research of corporate culture, identification of corporate values and attitude of employees towards them

Marketing researches

Marketing researches are a systematic and objective identification, collecting, analysis, distribution and use of information for increase of efficiency of identification and the solution of marketing problems and use of marketing opportunities. Marketing researches are one of the integral and fascinating parts of marketing in general. Marketing researches allow to receive "feedback", estimating efficiency of all system of marketing and obtaining basic data for development of marketing policy, strategy and tactics of the enterprise. Concrete marketing researches can be implemented for the following purposes:

  • Studying of current trends of the market and prospects of its development 
  • Assessment of a market share of the main participants 
  • Assessment of level of satisfaction of consumers 
  • Segmentation of the market 
  • Assessment of capacity of the market 
  • Assessment of concepts of a new product 
  • Studying of the attitude to a trademark, brand 
  • Analysis of the prices, development of a pricing policy 
  • An assessment of efficiency of use of channels of information exchange with the consumer 
  • Assessment of public image 
  • Testing of a product 
  • Assessment of activity and development of effective system of sales

Process of market researches includes several stages:

  1. Definition of a problem 
  2. Development of approach to a solution 
  3. Development of the plan of research 
  4. Field works or data collection 
  5. Preparation of data and its analysis 
  6. Preparation of the report and its presentation


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