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Tools and Resources

Our association works across all territory of Russia, in the CIS countriesand abroad.

The range of our employees and partners includes more than 1000 people across all Russia in the key cities of the country, and also our colleagues abroad.

Among full-time employees of participants of Association we have:

- Project managers with more than 10 years’ experience of management of projects in the field of researches and consulting;
- Doctors and candidates of sociological, economic, political sciences;
- The analysts possessing experience of work with modern software products of statistical data processing;
- Moderators of focus groups, with experience more than 10 years;
- The skilled qualified consultants.

Many employees are fluent in foreign languages.

Our experience, geographical coverage, reliable and professional partners in academic and a business environment allow us:
- to provide high efficiency of logistics, from the point of view of terms, geography of projects costs;
- to support existence of qualified personnel in all regions and to have opportunity to involvein the projects all necessary partners;
- to use the high research capacity of regions, possibility of interaction with higher education institutions and research institutes;
- to have available and effectively usedhigh-quality technical base (rooms for focus groups, the hall tests).
These major factors allow to lower costs of research projects (including also the projects covering all territories of Russia and the CIS countries), without reducing quality of result.

Our material resources include, but aren't limited by the following list:
- focus group rooms equipped with all necessary equipment;
- rooms for carrying out the hall tests;
- the specialized professional licensed software developed especially for implementation of research projects;
- special professional equipment,all necessary research tools.

You can see some examples in the section Gallery.


Participants of our association have an access to the software which is developed by us especially for the purposes of processing the data of marketing and sociological researches.

Now in the world there are also other software products intended for the solution of similar tasks, at the same time any of them doesn't fulfillcompletely all complex of questions, arising during processing of the obtained data.

As a result of this situation we have a need of use of a set of information systems, the subsequent coordination and export - import of data.This negatively influences quality and time of implementation of projects.

Our software product allows solving a problem as a whole, that complex solution saves time, provides quality, increases profitability of projects and is simply user-friendly.

You can have a look at the description of the developed system here.

To have opportunity to use this development, you need to be the member of Association.

Research and Education

We see development of interrelation of the theory, science and practice through integration of applied research and educational activity as one of our main tasks.

Education is an important component of development of society, training and development of the country in general.

The association appreciates use of the last achievements of science in all the researches, as well as educating of the employees, representatives of clients and students of partner higher education institutions on practical experience with participation in research work and on the basis of the received results.

The interrelation of researches and training, participation of educational institutions in researches, both at the level of students, and at the level of teachers, use of results of researches in educational process, sociological and market researches in education, interrelation of the theory, science and practice are a basis of development of education in general, at the same time it is an instrument for ensuring of quality of results of projects.

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