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Methods of collecting secondary information

The analysis of secondary information helps to define a problem of market research and to develop approach to carrying out research. Before formulating the plan of carrying out research for collecting primary information, the marketing specialist has to analyze the secondary information related to the object of research. At implementation of some projects, especially with the limited budget, efficiency of researches substantially depends on the analysis of secondary information as a number of certain standard issues can be resolved successfully also on the basis of secondary information.

One of the most widespread types of methods of collecting secondary information is the desk research with a purpose of collecting and systematization of secondary data.

In spite of the fact that using only secondary information it is hardly possible to find answers to all questions of the studied unique problem, nevertheless they have high potential of useful effect and various scope of application.

Secondary information allows:

  • To identify and formulate a marketing problem 
  • To develop approach to a solution and to plan of research 
  • To find answers to certain search questions, to formulate hypotheses, sometimes to check them 
  • To interpret primary data correctly

Secondary data:

Internal – information which is available within the organization for which research is conducted 

External – data which source is outside the organization for which research is conducted
- Published materials 

 General business sources

• Reference books

• Indexes

• Catalogs

• Statistical data 
- Data of bodies of the state and municipal authority

• Data of censuses

• Departmental databases

• Other sources 
- Computer databases 
- Syndicated services – the information services offered by the marketing research organizations which provide information from the general database to various firms and the companies – followers of their services.

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